Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your input for our 'home for programmers'

We are happy that many of you, our programmer community, took the time to fill in our survey to help us improve our current services and shape upcoming offerings for you. 

Here are some findings and action steps resulting from your feedback:

A) How can we improve our monthly programming challenges?

To comment on the most popular responses:

Increase the frequency of challenges (32.7%)
It’s great that many of you would like to be challenged more often. Whilst we will try to ramp up our production in general, what we envisage introducing shortly is two monthly challenges: a hard one and one that is a bit easier than the current ones. The latter was also one of the main ‘other ideas’ suggested to us.

Change the time when challenges go live (24.6%)
Whilst responses did vary, there is a clear cluster indicating that weekends, especially Saturdays, would be most convenient. Hence, we are changing the starting time for our next challenge to Saturday, 5pm UTC.

Create a hall of fame (17.1%)
Sure! Whilst we have published just the top 3 from each challenge to date on our blog and social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook), the new ‘programmers’ home’ that we’re shortly going to launch will feature a hall of fame. So, get your favorite pictures ready! :) And, while you’re at it, why not take our current challenge?

B) How can we improve our guided programming course?

The series of hands-on coding lessons, aimed at everyone with basic programming knowledge and an interest in discovering the world of programming, was last year’s star innovation. Since its inception in May 2013, almost 500,000 visitors from all corners of the globe have visited the site and about 1,500 training tasks are now being assessed every day.

This is great encouragement and motivation for Jacek and Marcin, the fathers of this series.

They were happy to receive your feedback and will focus their efforts mainly on: 
  • Providing solutions to training tasks (34.9%) 
  • Providing hints on solving training tasks (29%) 
  • Adding links to more resources that help to solve the training tasks (16.6%) 

In addition, we think that there are plenty of resources in the community. Hence, we plan to add facilities allowing you to publish, brag about and share such insights with others.

C) What additional features/services would you use, if Codility provided them?

It was great to see lots of hunger and ideas. Lots to do? Absolutely. But hey, we are motivated and will do our best to ship a few of these ideas soon. And hey, if you feel motivated too and want to join in, why don’t you check out our job openings! :)

Thanks a lot for your contributions and comments on this survey! We are aware that it’s only a snapshot, and we want to make sure we are aware of your ideas, wishes and preferences on a continuous basis. Therefore, our new home for programmers – expect a launch in early April at the latest – will also contain a corner for you to feed in ideas to be publicly displayed. Also, you can see existing ideas and boost them by voting for them. For an even more personal approach, talk to Jacek ( and Mateusz ( directly!

Happy coding!

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  1. I have posted the answers for most of the training tasks on my blog ( Everyone is welcome! Enjoy coding!