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PostgreSQL is live

May 19, 2016
Good news for businesses utilizing SQL in their production environments - we’ve recently added support for PostgreSQL.
We know that SQLite is great for certain applications (and of course we offer this in our test suite), but a growing number of companies now employ PostgreSQL for versatility and robustness.  In fact, we use it ourselves at Codility.  
With PostgreSQL support, your candidates now have a choice of which version of SQL they want to code in to solve Codility tasks.  It’s a win-win- your candidate gets a more positive assessment experience, and you get additional insights into their programming expertise.  The feature is available to all Codility customers- during a test a candidate just selects which version of SQL they’d like to use.  
If you’re not using Codility yet, why not try a free trial now and experience the power of our tech recruiting platform.

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