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Programming Multiple Choice Questions for Technical Interviews

June 01, 2016

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Multiple choice questions from Codility are now available.

You asked, we answered.  We've added Multiple Choice questions to Codility!   Yes, we have tons of prepared tasks that vary in difficulty as well as allowing our customers to create their own coding tasks.  And yes, our customers can create essay questions, which give candidates a free-form way to express ideas. But our customers were looking for something between prepared tasks and essay questions, and we’re happy to offer that now: Multiple Choice questions.If you’re looking for a way to test programmers that's more flexible than coding tasks, but more structured than essay questions, we’ve got you covered.   


Quick Question: Multiple choice questions give our customers:

a) a more flexible approach to asking questions

b) a new method for engaging candidates

c) a great bridge between coding tasks and essay questions

d) all of the above


If you answered d) you are correct!


We're here to answer all your questions so if you'd like more information on using this tech recruiting feature in your account contact support@codility.com, or if you're new to Codility, why not start a free trial now. 

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