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Agnieszka Balcer-Thinlay

Agnieszka Balcer-Thinlay

Agnieszka is involved in Product Research @Codility – bringing to the table 14 years of research experience, she focuses on product performance, new feature development, and data analysis. She uses in-depth knowledge of both qualitative as well as quantitative research methods to engage the team in insight-driven decision making about Codility developments.

Gender Performance Gap in Tech Employment (Analysis From 1M Sessions)

What causes the gender performance gap in employment? Find out what Codility learned from 1M candidate coding sessions & get insights from Gender Bias Report!

Candidate Labs: A User Experience Researcher’s Magic Bullet

Agnieszka, Product Researcher at Codility, talks about how Candidate Labs are a great way to check assumptions at the crucial stages of product development.