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Code Training Online for Tech Hiring Teams | Codility Training Suite

December 05, 2017

Hiring teams already know that it takes a long time to find and hire the right person, and so naturally, it makes sense to continue investing in those people to improve their abilities and ensure they stay. That’s why we created the Codility Training Suite, to empower our clients to upskill, coach, and engage the coders they’ve brought on.

With the Codility Training Suite, you’ll gain access to an exclusive library of hundreds of online code training tasks designed for learning and development purposes.

Here's how our clients use Codility for training:

  • Full-day or half-day competitions to stir recreational competitiveness amongst your devs and help them let off some steam. They’re also great to get different people working together; your events can be less competitive and more mix and mingle.
  • Regular training sessions for continuous improvements to your engineering organization’s problem-solving approach and coding language proficiency.  
  • Bootcamps for junior hires to accelerate their transitions to experienced mid-level employees, eventually graduating to a veteran senior dev level.
  • Channel for lateral job changes, because career moves aren’t always vertical. Empower non-technical staff to learn how to code and work towards technical roles within your organization.
  • Workshops and brain hacks to keep your workforce engaged and to carry out technical education across departments in mass.    

We’re excited to extend the scope of our offerings with the addition of the Codility Training Suite. As the way companies hire, develop, and retrain their technical staff evolves, we’re committed to upgrading our products and features to empower better tech recruiting and now, learning and development.

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