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Front-End Developer Testing with Angular Tasks | Codility

December 13, 2017

Our focus is to create coding tests that empower hiring teams to predict whether candidates will perform well in their open roles. We released Design Tasks earlier this year to provide insights into how front-end candidates create web pages using HTML and CSS. But we want to enable our clients to assess front-end developers in a more comprehensive way, so we just added Angular Tasks to the Codility Library.

Angular Tasks can show you how a developer tackles some of the most common problems in implementing web applications.

Here are three reasons Angular Tasks could greatly boost your tech recruiting:

Real-life assessments are key

The result of a candidate's work on an Angular Task is a fully functional, interactive, and self-contained mini application. Basically Angular Tasks are less like a simple coding test, and more like a project that closely resembles the work a front-end developer would do on the job. This means the better they do on Codility Angular Tasks, the more likely they are to contribute to your organization.  

Great for both parties

When hiring teams create an interview process that mirrors the open role’s day-to-day work, it makes the entire experience much more enjoyable for the candidate. In using these "real-life" tasks, you can see your candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in operations they've been performing for some time, instead of only being able to measure their basic coding ability. Candidates will stop viewing your recruiting steps as roadblocks, and start viewing them as opportunities to demonstrate their fit for the job.

More hiring flexibility

Many different kinds of roles can take advantage of Angular, and many do because it can be more effective than HTML. With Angular Tasks, you can enhance your hiring for these roles:

  • Front-end Developer
  • Web Developer
  • UI Designer
  • Full Stack Engineer

With our new Angular Tasks, you’re able to screen and interview programmers in a more natural-feeling, real-life manner. We’re continuing to work on features and updates to help hiring teams gauge candidate fit for all kinds of roles, while putting candidate experience first.

Want to hear more about how you can use coding tasks to test front-end developers and tech candidates?


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