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Engineering Teams

A Developer's Guide to Running Behavioral Interviews

A short guide to running rewarding behavior-based interviews for a range of developer roles.

How to Successfully Write for a Technical Audience

Here are several examples that resonate with a developer audience, and tips for how you can successfully execute technical writing.

We Need Your Help: 2019 Developer Survey

We’re seeking your opinions on being a developer today — and to say thanks, we’ll enter your email in the draw to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

Breaking Down the Gender Bias Report From a Dev Perspective

Here’s my take on the key findings from our gender disparity research and analysis for coding tests.

9 Things That Turn Off Developer Candidates

Breaking down major technical interview “don’ts”—from a developer’s perspective.

Leveraging Internal Hackathons to Benchmark Junior Developers and Foster Collaboration

Ask yourself these 5 key questions to successfully assess junior developers at an internal hackathon, identify their training needs, and spot existing problem-solving skills.

Enrich, Understand, and Communicate: 3 Principles for Retaining Great Engineers

Paweł Rzymkiewicz, Head of Engineering at Codility, shares tips on how to retain great engineers through enrichment, understanding, and communication.

CTO Strategies for Hiring 10x Developers

CTO Steve Ball shares his top strategies for hiring 10x developers and the tools he uses to get him into deeper conversations during technical interviews

How We Build Our Agile Engineering Team

Building a great gngineering team starts with great technical recruitment. As Head of Engineering at Codility, Paweł shares his thoughts on tech recruitment

How we Hire Programmers at Codility: Assessment to Interviewing

From initial assessment to general interviews, find out how we hire programmers at Codility. If you're interested in joining our team, contact us today!

Engineering Coding Practices: Tips for Quality Development

How can your team build, maintain & develop strong engineering coding practices for quality development of your product? CTO of Codility shares his advice.

Programming Problem Solving Interview Questions You Should Ask

What problem-solving questions should you ask during tech interviews? Here are Codility's 4 suggestions for when you're interviewing & assessing programmers.