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Introducing Elementary Tasks

July 12, 2016

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Looking for a Quick Intro to Codility Assessments? 

Elementary Level Tasks Are Here! 

At Codility, we pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of our tech recruiting platform.  We offer hundreds of tasks, ranging in difficulty from “easy” to “hard”,  to ensure each of our clients can offer tests that accurately assess the fundamental skills of each candidate. One piece of feedback we’ve received from a few folks - our tasks are too difficult for beginners or non-technical candidates. 

Well, (some of) you asked, and we’ve answered!  We now offer several Elementary tasks specifically designed to assess very basic programming skills.  These tasks can serve as a warm-up for people undertaking a more challenging Codility assessment, or they can simply be provided to colleagues and partners to demonstrate how tasks are within the Codility Platform.

Elementary tasks are available now, at no additional cost to existing Codility Premium and Launch customers. For more info, please contact support@codility.com. Or if you're new to Codility, start a free trial now!

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