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Back to Basics: Accelerate the Way You Test Developers

November 15, 2017

If you’re hiring tech people, the ultimate measure of success is simple: You’ve found the best possible candidates and hired them as quickly as possible. But how do you achieve both objectives without sacrificing one or the other? With the release of our new 5 Minute Tasks, you and your teams can shorten the way you test developers without losing valuable information about their skills and abilities.

Here are some reasons why 5 Minute Tasks are a great addition to your tech recruiting process:

  • They’re a quick litmus test for programming ability because they’re easy for a competent programmer but harder for a novice programmer.
  • They can be used for all levels of seniority so you can incorporate them into your coding tests.
  • The task description is relatively informal and shorter, usually spanning only a few sentences so a candidate can easily get started on writing code.
  • Their solutions are usually only a few lines of code, so candidates don’t need to spend hours proving their skill.
  • They consist of a variety of difficulty levels so you can fine-tune how you want to test developers in your pipeline.
  • They encompass all types of tasks, ranging from coding to bug-fixing to testing.

Best Practices

We recommend bundling three different kinds of 5 Minute Tasks together. That way, you can comprehensively check out candidates’ coding skills for things like bug-fixing, wiring, and even creativity in under 15 minutes. You can also combine them with Multiple Choice Questions to round out your approach to testing developers while still keeping your coding tests on the short side.

We’re committed to helping tech hiring teams screen, interview, and hire the best coders, and 5 Minute Tasks are a great way to test developers in a streamlined fashion. We have many more product updates coming, so let’s keep the excitement going as 2017 comes to an end.

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