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Recruiting Senior Software Developers with CodeLive | Codility

December 13, 2017

One of the biggest tech hiring priorities many companies have is recruiting strong senior developers. It’s crucial to execute a high-touch recruiting process that engages them and gives them room to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge. In some cases, a simple coding test might not be enough to captivate experienced programmers and capture the extent of their capabilities.

And there’s a huge benefit for you to focus on how they approach problems and how they collaborate in addition to their coding abilities too. The senior developers you bring on will greatly impact your product development and mentor other staff in your organization. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to CodeLive, an engagement tool designed to connect hiring teams with senior technical candidates so that they can build a relationship and determine mutual fit.  

With CodeLive, you can take any of our normal CodeCheck coding tests, and instead of sending them to a candidate to complete on their own time, you can start a live session and run through the exercise concurrently. This way it feels less like homework and more like two programmers collaborating on a technical problem.

Here are three reasons why CodeLive is great for recruiting senior devs:

It’s engaging

With CodeLive, you can easily create a high-touch process for senior candidates. Hiring managers can create a more positive candidate experience by connecting with potential new hires in real-time, while still assessing core skills in a friendly and realistic way. You can gain a better understanding of how candidates approach problem-solving, how they collaborate with others, and how they refactor, plan, and think about code in the moment. CodeLive allows hiring teams to roll out the red carpet for senior candidates, and the increased interviewer involvement will keep your top candidates eager to advance to further stages.

It’s flexible

CodeLive works great for both in-person or virtual technical interviews. If you use coding tests during the screening portion of your interview process, try CodeLive to make that remote experience more personal and natural-feeling. If you use coding tests during in-person interviews, CodeLive serves as the perfect mechanism for a collaborative coding session. The era of whiteboarding during interviews is over.

It’s recorded and shareable

CodeLive is conducive for a scalable recruiting process. Every session is recorded, and you can easily share them with other team members so you can come to a consensus about the candidates you’re speaking with. All candidate activity is logged and saved so you can refer back to test sessions to get a full picture of each candidate's performance and interactions with you.

We designed CodeLive to empower hiring teams to provide a catered experience for their senior developer candidates. As the technical talent market gets more and more competitive, we hope that our clients can use CodeLive to create and maintain a competitive edge when recruiting experienced programmers. Engage and collaborate with them online or in person, and then share their session details amongst your team members to see if they’re the coder you’ve been looking for.

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